A totally different approach to Clairvoyance and Modern Spirituality”

Professional Clairvoyant Tim Fraser

My approach to clairvoyance and spirituality is a unique one. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been very interested in psychic phenomena, the paranormal or anything to do with the unknown.

I have always considered psychic ability to be a natural process inherent in all human beings, unfortunately, many people are disillusioned or even scared when it comes to anything psychic, as the general population have been heavily bombarded with misconceptions, fears, and dogmas ever since man started looking within.

For over thirty years now, I have developed a natural, down to earth approach to clairvoyance and spirituality. When you come along for a reading you won’t be given any psychic “hocus pocus”. What you will gain is real life information that can be useful over time; which will help you to understand yourself, your life, and the pathway you’re on.

You’re a Soul with an incredible storehouse of knowledge that’s continually evolving. Your Soul has a predetermined plan, a complex pattern of human experiences each lifetime that it has to absorb, develop from, and balance with through the exploration of physical reality.

To describe in a few sentences what a reading may consist of can be very difficult as most people’s experiences and circumstances are quite diverse. One person may come along for a reading and be given insight with their career or business dealings, a particular relationship, or even family concerns. Another can be given detailed information about their love life and in some cases their spiritual development or personal growth The possibilities are endless.

Whether you believe it or not, your soul is enrolled in a huge curriculum, an inner curriculum often oblivious to the conscious mind. It’s this inner curriculum that interests me greatly as it governs a person’s destiny.

Your soul has a prewritten plan, a spiritual outline designed before it incarnates. The soul knows its evolutionary pathway and what it must experience through the exploration of physical reality. Free will in the general sense is limited in most experiences and you’ll often find it can only be exercised effectively if it’s in accordance with your souls pathway, I’m not saying we cannot pick and choose with our lives, we do every day, but what I’m saying is that you have a deeper, more subtle pattern at work that governs your destiny as a human being.

“A Clairvoyant cannot change or control destiny for anybody; common sense will tell you that if Clairvoyants could manipulate destiny they would all be instant lottery millionaires!”

A Clairvoyant can only read a person’s life psychically. I see many things in people’s lives every day; and I know that some of these experiences cannot be avoided or changed no matter what the person believes or is told. Some people may disagree with this statement but from the perspective of an experienced clairvoyant it’s an everyday part of the phenomena.

The human being is a temporary vehicle for soul development through a succession of earth lifetimes. The soul is an information and experience gathering system, a repository of information that we gather during each sojourn.

One of my favourite mottos is “real things real results,” real life situations so people walk away and see real results. I don’t add on, I don’t take away, I don’t edit anything to suit. You’ll be given information as it happens in the moment of the session, just a genuine approach and natural psychic ability.

Past incarnations affect your present life and conditions as a result of what your soul has learned, and in some cases not learned. The soul will then try to re-apply and test that knowledge with opportunities in your present lifetime. This is one the fundamental concepts of Karma.

I am not a “fortune teller” type reader and my readings are not really for entertainment purposes, if you’re looking for that you may be disappointed. Readings with me focus on your pathway and how that relates to your situations and circumstances, past, present and the future.

So, if you’re looking for a genuine psychic reading and you would like to gain a greater understanding about some of the things I have briefly talked about and how it relates to your own life, please feel free to contact me. I would love to talk to you. I can guarantee it can be an interesting experience for us both.

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