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Psychic Readings in Brisbane - Frequently Asked Questions

Why get a psychic reading?

The reasons for people getting psychic readings are varied. Some come along with specific reasons, some come along out of curiosity, sometimes even skepticism. Nothing excites me more than sitting with someone and explaining aspects of their life without any previous knowledge – especially their thought processes, current situations or their recent past.

Getting a good psychic reading from an experienced clairvoyant can open a “can of worms” for a person’s belief system which in turn makes a person look deeper at their life and its true purpose as well as providing insights into their destiny and growth as a human being.

How do you do clairvoyant readings and how does it work?

My ability has become a natural and uncomplicated process for me. I prefer to use the term clairvoyant these days as most people can relate to the word in a more accurate sense. I do not use cards or psychometry or any other tools when giving a reading. I rely on a combination of clairvoyance and clairaudience and pure psychic ability.

To explain these internal processes to someone can be difficult as it’s something that has to be personally experienced to be truly understood. I see, hear, feel, and sense, and sometimes all blended into one, it has become autonomous to me over the decades. Psychic is of the soul. If I said to somebody, it’s as easy as breathing that would make them none the wiser; also, if I said that it’s completely out of my control would sound careless. It’s probably like trying to explain the existence of snowfields to a desert dweller; It’s something unique to each individual with the ability, one just has to experience it. 

Why is it important to make a recording of a reading?

I think it’s important when you get a psychic reading you should be able to have a recording of what’s being said. Sometimes it can take quite a while before you really understand what’s being said at the time of the reading. Through years of experience and thousands of readings I have found when people see me again, they will tell me things that have been explained to them previously that have eventuated in one form or another. Most of the time it’s these things that seemed insignificant or irrelevant that made sense the most. I always encourage people not to put their own version to what they think is being said, but simply listen to the words and what those words mean and allow time for these things to occur.

I’m unsure whether to come along, I don’t want to be told anything bad.

To be completely honest, a reading with me involves “the good the bad and everything in between”. I give people bad news from time to time – that’s life. I give people what I receive, and I don’t edit or sugarcoat anything. That’s unrealistic and it’s not really up to me to filter what you may need to know. Having said that, getting a reading is a very interesting and positive experience for most people. The only advice I can offer in this situation is to decide based on your intuition. If you want to come along and you have a gut feeling to see me, please feel free to give me a call. It’s not all weird and spooky like a lot of people are led to believe.

Can I ask questions during a reading?

Yes, you can ask but I prefer to leave any questions until the end of the reading. When I give readings, I can become very objective to allow the information to flow unhindered from my own perceptions. In some cases, asking a lot of questions during a reading can distract me from what I’m seeing and listening to, and can sometimes impact the quality of a reading. I prefer my clients to come along and see what comes out in a reading spontaneously as a reading should be, it’s quite likely you’ll get the answers to different things as the reading progresses naturally. If you have questions, it’s best to make a mental note and then ask me towards the end of the reading. I will do my best to see what answers come through.

When can I come back for another reading and how long should I wait?

This is a very common question that I get asked often. The answer I like to give my clients is to wait and see how the reading pans out over time. I don’t think it’s necessary coming back within a specific time frame, you may not get any new information and the readings can double up. I really believe if you’re meant to come back, you’ll have a gut feeling as to when the time is right.

How did you become involved with psychic readings and the paranormal?

I have always been very interested in anything to do with psychic phenomena or the unknown. I had quite a few psychic experiences in my younger years but thought nothing of it other than being a little more intuitive than most. I have always had an uncanny ability to feel the mental and emotional mindsets of others. I thought it was normal. Most people can recall a psychic experience in one form or another in their life especially when they were young; it’s not uncommon.

I started to look seriously at developing these abilities just after I had left school and started an apprenticeship here in Australia. My boss and his wife had originally immigrated from the UK and they knew a lot about Spiritualism and Mediumship. They would fascinate me for hours with their own personal experiences. My boss’s wife saw my enthusiasm, so she encouraged me to investigate the subject more. I can clearly remember having the thought that meeting these people was a very important part of my destiny. It wasn’t until 1987 that everything started to fall into place when I joined a school of metaphysics that specialized in esoteric spirituality. It was at that point I could start to learn and be guided to understand these inner processes which had always intrigued and excited me.

Why is learning to understand intuition so important?

Intuition is often termed “the gut feeling” or the inner voice of the soul and it’s a process that I encourage everyone to learn about. If you practice intuition consciously when making decisions, you’ll be guided to make better choices which will bring better outcomes that are more in line with your higher purpose. Intuition is a process of learning how to “feel” objectively, independent of any mental logic or emotional reasoning. Intuition is the “Walkie Talkie” between the soul and mind.

How does free will and destiny work together?

Freewill with regards to destiny is not the ability to do whatever you want or how you want it. Freewill is the ability to choose among the various options or opportunities that are available to a person within the confines of their life at any given time.

Your soul has many prearranged experiences and events mapped out before it incarnates; the human part of us has free will on how we choose to handle or deal with these experiences or events.  We need a free will component on our journey, otherwise there wouldn’t be any growth – there would be no point. If you honestly look at your life, I’m sure you will see there have been times where you haven’t had any or perhaps only limited free will, and situations have just played out completely out of your control. Other times we can be presented with temptations to test our highest values, to choose right or wrong, good or bad. Free will essentially plays a big part in the advancement and spiritual development of the soul.

Free will and destiny co-exist. Think of it as like getting on a train. You can pick which carriage to enter, you can choose what seat you would like to sit in from what’s available, but the train will remain en route to its destination.

From another perspective, I have always felt the more advanced the soul, the less free will you seem to have, as the soul with its experience and knowledge has a stronger influence over the mind with decision making. Choices, therefore become less conscious and more naturally intuitive.

Putting it simply, physical reality is a huge theatrical act, a testing ground full of human experiences for each soul to test and develop from. You’re an avatar in a stage play using intention and free will amongst rulesets to develop consciousness.

What is the soul and how would you explain it?

The soul is essentially an incarnated spirit, a nonphysical energy of consciousness. Your soul existed long before you were born and will exist long after you die. I like to visualise the soul as the individual eternal spiritual database in every human being, gathering information and learning through all of life’s experiences. The physical body, mind, emotions and personality are tools for the soul. Physical reality is the theme. The main goal of the soul and essentially the purpose of life is to awaken to the divine within.

Do you believe in Karma and how does it work?

Karma is another interesting aspect that is often misunderstood in the West as “cause and effect”. Karma first came into being as a spiritual concept in Hinduism, put simply, karma is “memories of the soul”, it’s the balancing of past experiences and situations brought forward unconsciously from previous incarnations into the present lifetime or future incarnations for the soul to remodel and redevelop from.

Understanding karma is not as easy as understanding the concept of cause and effect as we don’t have the conscious awareness of the memories of our past incarnations and experiences. Both universal laws look and sound similar but operate differently. 

Karma is not retribution for past deeds, often portrayed in western society as a reward and punishment system dished out by an angry god keeping tabs on everyone. It may look that way if we judge from a human perspective, especially when fuelled with superstition and myth. I have learned that some karmic conditions can span many lifetimes and can remain dormant until the soul is spiritually developed enough to meet these experiences to maximise its potential. Karma is a very interesting and quite complex topic that’s unique to each person.

What is déjà vu and why do I experience it sometimes?

I have learned that déjà vu is just another form of psychic experience that can manifest in two ways. The soul will review significant events in our lives long before they happen, mostly while asleep in a dream state. You may also have split-second precognition while daydreaming which is often disregarded as meaningless thinking and forgotten moments later. Precognitive thoughts and images of future events and situations are mixed with feelings that are completely unrelated to the conscious mind at that point. When these events eventuate in real time, sometimes months or even years later we will have a fragmented memory that triggers the feeling that we have seen this or done this before. Déjà vu is a psychic experience; psychic is of the soul. Time and space is an artefact of our consciousness.

What about the concept of Soulmates?

I believe in this concept but not in the “romantic” warm and fuzzy meaning of the term that gets tossed around today. People are often led to believe that having or meeting a soulmate is a perfect ‘made in heaven’ reunion with another soul in the physical world which will provide an endless supply of happiness and contentment, in some cases this can be far from the truth. Relationships in all their forms are the spice of life and if they were simple and easy you wouldn’t continue to grow and evolve.

From years of experience and thousands of readings, I have learned that souls group together in the earth plane through many incarnations for multitudes of reasons, and it can be as marital partners, siblings, relatives, friends, or children. Occasionally in readings, I will sometimes discover a strong karmic connection between two or more people. Putting it simply this means they’ve known or had significant experiences together in previous incarnations in one form or another and have reconnected in the present experience. You don’t have to be psychic to feel this yourself with certain people – it can be a real “knowing” feeling from a very deep level, especially when you first meet.

I strongly believe there are hundreds of people on earth you could meet and be compatible with to such a level that you could say you’re “soulmates”.

Do you have any religious views about what you do?

I don’t have any religious background or experience. Religion and spirituality can be two different things. A spiritual person is somebody who listens to their soul and has an understanding of a personal meaning or higher purpose to their existence. Religion is primarily concerned with matters of faith, ritual, structure and tradition.

You cannot discover your soul through the mind with logic. Spirituality cannot be learned from a book. It can only be described as a gradual awakening process or a realisation. It’s not just knowledge that builds your soul, but it’s the understanding and application of that knowledge to the opportunities presented through the everyday experiences of your life.

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